Corporate Social Responsibility

Ambimar Solutions implements a variety of social initiatives with the communities we work in.

Sustainable Solutions for Environmental Remediation

Ambimar Solutions’ technology was designed with the vision of a safe and sustainable future for all.

Our patented suite of technologies is built on natural & organic agents that operate in closed-loop systems (for subsequent reuse) with minimal energy inputs and zero thermal inputs, greatly reducing the adverse environmental impact of our solutions and mitigating health risks for the communities we work in.

Local Economic and Social Impact Plan

Ambimar Solutions utilities subcontractors and source materials as close as possible to the communities we work in. We localize Research & Development and supply chain development wherever possible.

Human Capital Development

Solutions offers its employees knowledge transfer initiatives, executive development training programs, and sponsored technical training in Brazil, Germany and the United States to transform our employees into thought leaders and partners.

Sustainable Development & Social Wellbeing

Ambimar Solutions liaises with the communities we work in to design & implement other social initiatives to support their sustainable development beyond the scope of our projects.