About Ambimar

Over 100 years of combined experience in the global environmental engineering and remediation space.

Our Mission

Ambimar Solutions produces and delivers a multifaceted set of terrestrial and marine chemical contamination solutions that can be applied across a wide array of climates and topographies.

Our mission is to rapidly and effectively remediate, recover, and restore contaminated sites to their original condition cleanly, swiftly, and thoroughly at low cost thanks to our unique organic and waste-free remediation technology.

Our Company

Ambimar Solutions is a joint venture between environmental remediation companies, scientists, technical experts, and operations engineers from Nigeria, Brazil, and the United States. Our patented technology has a verified track record of success, and is derived from compounds found in citrus fruit. These chemical compounds bond with hydrocarbons and other chemical pollutants forming a sludge composite that can be easily extracted from the ground, be it soil, gravel, clay, or sand.

Given the organic nature of our solutions, we are able to deploy our technology with no damage to the existing ecosystem. Our technology is capable of rapidly restoring agricultural land to original pristine condition, with no tertiary consequences for the ecosystem. We utilize a number of technical applications that will clean soil rapidly and thoroughly.

Our Services

We offer a full suite of turnkey remediation solutions, with capabilities to remediate soil, gravel, sand, groundwater, and marine environments. Our unique RECOY®, Terpanos P and YMACO® technologies are some of the fastest and most thorough methods of remediation for hydrocarbon removal available today.

These patented technologies thrive in highly contaminated, voluminous sites where the need to swiftly and effectively revive land and produce tangible results is critical.